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It's a wrap! Monte Cristo Wrap!

I love a good monte cristo sandwich. Made with Swiss cheese, ham and turkey. Best part is the bread dipped and fried. Well we are not going to do that today!😂 Let's make this monte cristo into a wrap. Same ingredients but no dipping in batter. I promise you will not miss it.


Tortilla flour shell (wheat will work) Small, medium or large

Slice ham or leftover ham

Slice turkey or leftover turkey

Swiss cheese or Gouda as many as you like

Raspberry preserve

Oil for frying (350d)


This is an easy recipe. Take a medium floured tortilla and layer it with cheese, ham and turkey meat. If you don't eat ham no worries you can still enjoy this dish by replacing it with chicken, turkey pastrami or another favorite meat.

Roll your tortilla and secure it with a tooth pick. Place the filled tortilla into the hot oil toothpick side down. Fry until golden brown and flip to brown the other. If you have a fryer you can just fry until golden brown. (watch video for illustration)

Remove from the oil and let it drain on paper towel to remove access oil. Cut and plate serving with a side of raspberry jam and a dusting of powder sugar. All done!

You can make these in any size that will work for your party. Small ones are great for brunch events easy to just pick up and enjoy! Thank you for supporting Bake and Cook with Passion. Watch the short video for illustration.


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